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I am a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a friend. I am a partner, a worker, a young girl and a grown woman. I am scared and confident, terrified and excited. I am caring and loving. I am shy and friendly. I am hardworking and determined, but a little scared on the inside. I pray to Allah and cry my tears. I smile on the outside, while im dying on the inside. one more thing I do believe in what they say a 'TRUE LOVE'. -Elly-


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tetibe -.-

Assalamualaikum :)
SMS yang datang tiba tiba tanpa salam :p

si teruna : Wanita bukan lagi tempat nya di dapur tau .

si dara : Jadi dimana tempat nya seorang wanita ?

si teruna : Zaman sekarang perempuan dah maju, tiada lagi istilah orang perempuan tempatnya didapur.

si dara :  and the main point is .... ?

si teruna : awak pon kena lah berusaha kejar cita cita.

si dara : oh ok i try my best :)

si teruna : Chaiyok ! bye

si dara : bye -.-

#nota nak kena tendang : aku tengah isi borang UMCCed but who knows usaha yang aku dah buat. people around me see that im doing nothing but the truth is i try my best to make everyone happy and proud with me .